Integrated Optical Palette IOP
  Integrated Optical Palette (IOP) Easy exchange of internal optical elements The Angénieux Optimo Prime Series includes unique creative possibilities for cinematographers, based on a new technology by Angénieux called Integrated Optical Palette (IOP). Integrated Optical Palette (IOP) lets cinematographers create unique looks by combining IOP permutations the way a painter blends textures and hues. The IOP technology, just like the IRO technology for the zooms, is the result of well-known Angénieux’s innovation capabilities.The effects generated by the different irises and internal elements will be the same for all focal lengths. The actual intensity of those effects will depend on picture content, lightning conditions and lens settings. The Optimo Primes come with interchangable special pins, in order to indentify which element of the palette is integrated in a lens.The palette includes customizable elements:     Creative Options   IRIS3-Blade Iris Such an iris with 3 triangular blades gives a strong bokeh. The desired effect is a perfect equilateral triangle. This iris will generate a particular effect on the bokeh and particularly on the highlights. The bokeh will take the shape of the lens pupil which appears in the highlights. The triangular effect appears only from T2.8. At T1.8 full aperture, the bokeh remains perfectly standard, a round one. Three blade irises were used traditionally on some lenses in the 60s, to give a very unique look to the image and bring new creativity to the cinematographer. This IOP element will be perfect to generate a certain atmosphere in a commercial or a feature film. To be noted that for this iris, three types of subassemblies are proposed to cover the whole Optimo Prime range of lenses.   9-Blade Iris (already integrated to your Prime) As original equipment, our Optimo Prime Lenses are equipped with properly balanced nine blades irises. An equiponderant round diaphragm designed by Angénieux Opticians and Engineers expertise. Paired with the excellent image resolution of our Optimo Prime lenses, the 9 blades iris will guarantee a symmetrical bokeh look from the center of the image up to the edges and the corners. The ability to observe such harmonious bokeh over the entire scene will allow you to achieve consistency over the whole range of Optimo Prime Lenses, no matter the focal length.   Oval Iris This IOP element provides a mimic of the oval bokeh of the front anamorphic lenses. For instance, if this oval iris is cumulated with a bluestreak effect element, the anamorphic is recreated on the basis of a spherical lens. This way, images shot with anamorphic lenses can easily be matched with images made with a spherical Optimo prime. Some horizontal flares, which are typical from the anamorphic format appear. For instance, such an iris allows to obtain effects that make the glimmers more attractive. A uniform blue light line is generated for appealing and really authentic images.     REAR FILTER Rear Vintage Filter Easy to screw and unscrew in a matter of a few seconds, our internally processed rear filter will provide a very unique vintage look to your image to help you create all kind of old fashioned atmospheres. Our Vintage filters glass went through a very specific and controlled process of polishing and tuning accuracy in order to reproduce the mighty Angénieux 25x250 HR zoom look. The rear Vintage filter will help you to escape this crisp digital world by achieving soft and magical dreamy effect.     INTERNAL FILTER Clear Filter The Clear Optic is the most customizable support to express your full creativity. It is made out of optic glass for you to have a free access to custom effects. The main idea is for you to own this glass and alter it or tweak it the way you feel. Express yourself using all kind of products to generate special artistic effects. Any spray, glue or shims would provide very specific and unique looks. A cracked clear filter will give a special ray effect, introducing flares. This product has to be considered as a consumable part, craft and go run your trials!   Uncoated Filter Just imagine our Clear Optic filter on which the anti-reflective coating has been removed. Basically, a transparent piece of glass that allows reflections. The intention is to create a subtle flare effect on the image’s brightness maintaining the intrinsic quality level of the prime lens. To be noted that with a strong luminosity, the effect of the filter is quite soft, but with a low luminosity, with strong contrast, the effect becomes major on the illuminances.   Blue Streak Filter This IOP element allows to materialize the flare effects in reference to the cylindrical elements of front anamorphic lenses. The orientation is defined when the product is installed. It provides a unique blue line on the image which is so characteristic of anamorphic lenses.If an image or footage is made with an anamorphic lens for the primary purpose of getting a greater aspect ratio than what is possible when only using spherical lenses on a 35mm format, the direct result will appear compressed and distorted. A complementary effect of this process after it is completed is the creation of elongated, blue-colored, horizontally symmetrical highlights from point light sources that can extend through the frame. This filter is most effective for pictures where the light source used to generate the streak effect is a highlight with a significant degree of contrast from the rest of the image.   Net Optic Filter Angénieux Net Optics has been designed to specifically create a net diffusion effect homogeneously within an image. A black colored frame is integrated inside this filter's glass in order to soften focus and ease the image. The idea behind this filter is to recreate the ‘’Chanel stocking’’ technique well known in the industry. Available in black, the Net Optics filter will allow you to recreate a soft vintage look within your shot while maintaining a contrast level. Installed within the lens in between optical groups, the Net Optics filter will offer you consistency over any of the Optimo Prime lenses Focal length. You do not need to worry about filter strengths anymore in order to match your sequence; the same filter does it all!   Glimmer Glass 1/8 Filter Glimmerglass is a line of diffusion filters that produces a soft clean halation around practical and specular light sources, while keeping an apparent sharpness on the overall image. On close ups, the apparent sharpness and fine detail is kept as the effect of the filter lowers contrast while softly rolling into the shadow area. This low contrast affect moderately mutes bright colors. This makes the lower end of the glimmer glass diffusion line produce a non-destructive or invasive look. Even at heavier densities, the filter never becomes overly powerful in its spread of halation. The Glimmerglass series of filters also has a benefit of sparkling when viewed, which can add reassurance to your talent when shooting beauty; that way you can fully concentrate on the look of your shot.   Black Satin 1/8 Filter This filter helps maintaining a clear focus and realizes a more filmic look than purely digital capture can otherwise record. The Black Satin Filter helps to reduce the overall contrast of an image and better control the highlights within a scene. In addition to rendering highlights with a grittier, more grainy appearance, this filter also helps to subtly soften facial blemishes and wrinkles for a natural, refined look.   Black Pro Mist 1/8 Filter It is easy to see why the Black Pro-Mists have been such a success for over the past 30 or so years. Its unique layering of contrast combined with a gauzy paint like halation, function as a twist on the stand of the pro halation spill effect. Even at its lowest density, it delivers an effective and increase in the halation which adds a pleasing depth of warmth, but is not transported to the skin tone values. These characteristics will become more apparent when you use densities of 1 quarter and above. In the heavier densities, the spill is quite aggressive from the practical light, with the warm tone becoming more apparent. Yet the subtle but effective look still continues to make the pro mist filter a staple filter for many cinematographers in the digital world.   Low Contrast 1/8 Filter The Low Contrast Filter works to lessen contrast across the image by creating a small amount of controlled flare near highlight areas. This enables greater detail to be attained in shadow regions, while unaffecting the highlights values, in order to produce lower apparent contrast. This filter is ideal for use during midday and other high contrast lighting situations when it is difficult to control both overexposed highlights and underexposed shadows.    

True ND Mitomo / IRND 4x5.65, set of 7 filters (0.3-2.1)
Set of 7 glass filters in densities 0.3 + 0.6 + 0.9 + 1.2 +1.5 + 1.8 + 2.1 Outstanding quality, with scratch protection Size: 5x5.650 inch  

True ND Mitomo / IRND 8.6x6.6, set of 7 filters (0.3-2.1)
Set of 7 filters in densities 0.3 + 0.6 + 0.9 + 1.2 + 1.5 + 1.8 + 2.1 Outstanding quality, with scratch protection Size: 6.6x6.6 inch