Semote - controller gives you full camera menu control (wired or wireless)
Semote is the perfect remote camera controller for ARRI, RED, Panavision, Phantom and Sony cameras. Semote's compact design and intuitive controls are an ideal tool for 3D/multiple camera shooting via a network hub, crane operation, remote head, aerial shoots, car trailer shoots, and much more. The Semote controller gives you full camera menu control (wired or wireless) on the following cameras: Sony Venice All Alexa cameras (XT, SXT, LF, Amira, Mini, Mini LF) Panavision DXL, DXL2 All RED DSMC cameras All Phantom cameras Arri 235/435/535    Special aviation model for Shotover F1/K1/G1 The new Semote comes with a micro SD card to allow easy and quick internal firmware change / update within seconds Infinite saved presets Infinite saved cameras 9-15V power input   Ideal for:  multiple camera control camera arrays camera rigging aerial filming underwater/splash housings crane shots and much more  FEATURES: network cable and radio control (range is 100-300 feet depending on line of sight) change/set and store 10 profiles for FPS, EI, WB and Shutter check all information on your own screen start/stop camera switch 2K/HD toggle SxS 1 and 2 turn Highspeed on/off change codec set Look set RecOut output set MonOut output set Framelines turn REC OUT fps sets on/off playback with scrub forward/backward production ingest for scene and take load camera setups from sd card intervalometer store up to 10 camera IP addresses in remote unit easy firmware update via network cable Download Semote Item Compatibility List here